Below you will find dates, details, and links to register for my upcoming training & workshop opportunities. From YTT & Yoga to Meditation, h'Art Creation to Desire Mapping, and everything in between... I've got you covered! If you don't see what you're looking for, I LOVE to collaborate, create, or develop custom offerings for Corporate, Retreats, Special Celebrations, etc. Please reach out. I'd love to make magic with you.


November 1-19, 2019 | 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified, Yoga Teacher Training Intensive | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Join me and Tiffani Harris for this incredible opportunity to dive deep into your yoga practice, and truly awaken this transformational path I call capital Y Yoga. The living practice of Yoga. Our 200hr YTT is Yoga Alliance Certified, which means (upon completion) you will walk away with the potential to teach this incredible practice - should you desire.

But, these trainings are for anyone & everyone who is on the path of deep self-discovery through the teachings of Yoga. Whether you intend to teach yoga or not, this work will change your outlook on life, your self, others, and the world.

We keep our YTT program small & intimate (a rare & wonderful opportunity) - with everyone onsite at the most incredible private villa! We'll be nestled in the jungle just minutes from the ocean, breath taking sunsets, and the most incredible little boho-yogi-centric community. 

Both Tiffani and I bring our passion, experience, love & devotion to our favourite areas of these teachings, as well as collaborating on many aspects of the program. I am so stoked to dive deep into the 8 LIMBS and touch in on the yogic philosophy that ignites, illuminates and guides not only our physical practice, but makes this a truly LIVING PRACTICE in all aspects of our lives.

For a more detailed breakdown of the program + links to register, please visit our workshop page on the Pure Yoga Ottawa website HERE.

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, concerns, hesitations, excitements, wonderings, desires - big or small - please reach out directly, let’s explore them together.

We also have testimonials from past YTT grads we can share, or connect you with them directly for a real-deal chat about their experience. If you visit my Instagram page (@kateudurie / you can also find “The SOULIE SERIES”, where we’re profiling some of our grads - sharing snippets from their experience, testimonial, and a peek into ‘Life After Costa Rica.’


THE DESIRE MAP comes to Ottawa. Soul-affirming + light up your life = powerfully clear, powerfully creative. I've been a long-time Danielle Laporte, Firestarter, Desire Mapper, believer. This material had such a positive impact on my life, on my choices, on my work, relationships, space, plans ...I became a Licensed Facilitator.

"Knowing How you
want to
is the most potent
form of clarity
that you can have.

those feelings
is the most
powerfully creative thing
you can do
with your life."

We'll be using my favourite transformational tools to tap in, get super clear, focus where it matters, then embody your declarations through inspired, aligned action. Intentional. Essential.

Meditation + Yoga + COACHING + h'Art + DESIRE MAP + CoNNECTION =

A magical force.
This is where YOU come in.

YOUR Investment Options::


{ SPECIAL EDITION } = Sat. Jan. 20, 10:00am - 4:00pm, PranaShanti Yoga Centre, IGNITE THE LIGHT, this is a 1-day Urban Retreat for anyone who wants to create a sacred space & give themselves the gift of time to get clear on their intentions for 2018...from the inside out. No experience with Desire Map is required. This is a great way to re-ignite or light the first spark. What's included? Lunch + Journal + Yoga + Meditation + H'Art Making n supplies + Connection + so much LOVE. For FULL DETAILS or to REGISTER visit HERE. xo

I have taken an intentional pause on regular DESIRE MAP workshops, while I focus on a big soul project:
we have officially brought LoveYourBrain to Canada, starting right here in Ottawa at PranaShanti Yoga Centre. For more information check out this page, or contact me directly.


{INTRO} = Sat. Nov 26, 5:30pm - 8:45pm, Pure Yoga Ottawa, Centretown. SOLD OUT

{LEVEL 1} = Jan. 20-22, Workshop + Urban Retreat, PranaShanti Yoga Centre. SOLD OUT

{LEVEL 2}* = April 21-23, Workshop + Full Retreat, Strathmere. SOLD OUT. 

* Note :: the only workshop with a pre-requisite is LEVEL 2. I ask that you arrive having read The Desire Map book (first half only), and have a solid idea of what your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) are. We will not be specifically working on determining them...but it's possible you will refine/clarify/solidify them. 

Wanna be the FIRST to hear about the next INTRO or LEVEL 1? Sign-up for my newsletter and/or reach out to me!

What's the difference :: {INTRO} vs {LEVEL 1} VS {LEVEL 2}?

Great question! The quick answer is ... the investment you choose to make. Time + Money + Intention.

{INTRO} = 3 hours, $55 ... or $50 if you register with a friend, workshop
{LEVEL 1} = 2.5 days, $325-$375, urban retreat, certificate, pre-req for Level 2
{LEVEL 2} 2.5 days, $520-$620, full retreat (includes all desire mapping materials, yoga, meditation, art making,
3 full meals + 2 nights' accommodations + 15% off spa services, outdoor hot tubs, campfire, nature walks, and soooo much more), certificate. Think sleep away camp for wholehearted souls!

If you're a super self-directed learner + tight on time and/or money, the {INTRO} will give you the kickstart you need to dive into your core desired feelings. You will leave with just enough magic to continue the journey on your own.

But let's be honest. If you're like me, carving out enough ME-time to get clear, go deep, and create the foundation for big life shifts takes time. Investment. Practice. Commitment. Determination. It can be hard!! This is the difference between 'being inspired' and making inspired choices, inspired changes. If this resonates, {LEVEL 1} may be just the investment for you.

If this workshop + retreat was a smoothie it would be:
one-part Meditation,
+ one-part Desire Mapping,
+ one-part Yoga,
with a dash of h'Art play time & self-care,
and served in a big glass of connection.

The ratios are approximately the same at all 3, however the focus of the content and practices will change. Take a sip, or enjoy the whole glass. Dip your toes in, or dive right in and soak up the whole process! If you'd like to hear from past participants, check out the testimonials below. 

Ultimately, {LEVEL 1} is all about identifying your Core Desired Feelings, this is SO important - and truly foundational to the whole process. Then {Level 2} is all about creating goals with soul - taking the CDFs identified in Level 1 and aligning them with actions, goals, daily choices that will help you generate those core desires. Your core desired feelings become the core driver for how you live your life. On purpose. With Purpose. 

Designing a life that feels good from the inside out, goal setting, and feeling good become synonymous. Planning your day, week, month, year accordingly to your most core desired feelings = liberation!


You can register online (click the image below) or call the event space directly.


Click on the registration link(s) above or click on images below for a full description of the workshops, and what your investment includes. To register, simply call or visit the centre/studio website. 


Let's talk. I'm here. xo

p.s. Keep scrolling down for more inspiration, insights, and past Desire Mapper experiences!


= SAT. AUGUST 27, 4pm-7pm, Pure Yoga Centretown. This is part of the HappinessHabits613. It's free when you register for the August adventure. Early bird rate of $34 available til July 15. Then goes up to $54. Still a wicked schmicked deal! Eventbrite tickets here.

Curious about how to start a meditation practice? Looking to deepen the one you already have? What is this 'mindfulness' stuff all about anyway? At this workshop, we will explore mindfulness-based meditation practices as a powerful tool to:

  • Cultivate awareness, happiness, peace & ease,

  • Deepen your connection with self and others,

  • Live life from the inside out, both on and off the cushion

We will look at mindfulness from meditation to movement to eating; as well as being, doing and living. Part lecture. Part discussion. Part practice. Part relaxation ... we will close our time together with a deeeeeep relaxation practice + Yoga Nidra. Mmmmmmmm. YES. xo

H A P P I N E S S H A B I T S 6 1 3

The 2016 Adventure, with my two sisters in Happy Manal Nemer & Amy Longard, will run from { AUG 2 - AUG 27 } ! ! Early bird rate $34 is open til July 15: Register here. We have events spanning from an epic launch party, nutrition/mindful eating, to cultivating habits, meditation, live music & mala making, to beach dance parties, and more!

Do you want to change the formula for a successful life? Bring awareness and clarity to the choices you make while cultivating a positive, resilient, holistic approach to living and creating a happy life? 

If your answer is YES, then the HappinessHabits613 adventure is for you! So, here’s the deal... we launched HappinessHabits613 last summer, and we're back at it again! Our intention is to create a space for community, fun, learning, and happiness. We're gearing up and excited to fill the month of August with happy goodness. We’ve planned a series of events that are based on 9 principles or habits to cultivate happiness. We’re currently working on logistics but here’s the tentative line-up for the month of August: 

NOTE:  The "Community Events" will have an additional fee to cover costs for that event.

NOTE: The "Community Events" will have an additional fee to cover costs for that event.


NEXT DATE TBC, 6-9pm, Pure Yoga Centretown. Stay tuned!

This 3-hour offering is all about connection. To each other. To music. To moving, breathing, and being. We begin with a 90-minute yoga practice combining meditation, flow, and deep relaxation all to LIVE MUSIC by infranoir, and followed by cOMmunity connection + play Pure Yogi style...enjoy bubbly, beer or vino while getting to know new friends & connecting with old friends!


Don't take my word for it ... let's hear from the wholehearted souls who have been-there-done-that ::

"I have to say that I was BLOWN away by both the intro to desire mapping and Level 1, both organized and facilitated by very lovely Kate Durie. Kate was there with me every step of the way, answering all my pre registration questions, and helping me to overcome any fears our doubts I had about diving right into her ‘urban retreat’. During our three day weekend, I never once felt out of place, and instead felt the love and energy of the desire mapping process. Danielle Laporte is lucky to have Kate Durie as one of her licensed desire mapping facilitators as Kate makes the ordinary….extraordinary! If nothing else you will be blown away by the space that Kate creates in any building or yoga studio she is working in. During the mediation sessions I often caught myself wide eyed in awe of the fun and out of this world room we were in for the weekend. Your inner 5 year old is ready to come out and play and you will fall back in love with art (or as Kate likes to call it h’art) and yourself. I would be lying if I understood what I was getting myself into during the intro workshop and even after that I could not have prepared myself for the journey I was taken on during the level 1 urban retreat. I encourage anyone who has ever thought I am not FEELING the way I want to feel, or is looking to “live a life on purpose, with purpose”, as Kate says, to check out all Kate’s workshops at It is an experience like no other. You will feel nourished both physically and mentally and make many amazing friends on the way. I cannot thank Kate enough for an amazing weekend and helping me to get a little closer to those core desired feelings. This is one of those no regret experiences, I hope that you all will consider taking a workshop with Kate in the future, its like nothing else you’ve ever done before, with benefits like you’ve never seen before." – Clary 

"I LOVED the Desire Map + Yoga workshop with Kate because it brought light to a new way of looking at goal setting and soul searching. The flow of the workshop, all the creative activities, and the super fun environment made it feel like a party. It was definitely a special experience. Also helped that Kate has such a big heart, and her spirit and passion filled the room from the beginning. I would absolutely recommend this to my friends, and I look forward to the next Desire Map + Yoga adventure with Kate." - Lisa

“I loved the workshop! I would certainly like to join you [again] at a future date … thank you so much for the evening. It was truly great. What I liked about it the most was that there is no need to quit your job and let go of everything to be happy, but the way to approach things and goals has changed. It's a life-changing philosophy, thanks for sharing it with us!!” – Marie-Rene

“Thank you so much for the workshop last night. It helped me to shift the energy and that was exactly what I needed.” – Elen

“I wanted to thank you for hosting the intro class for the Desire Map. You are a pretty amazing person and your enthusiasm really help promote the Desire Map.  I think it was brilliant that you both incorporated yoga & meditation into the program, as those practices promote people being more present in the moment, and that you created your own introduction class giving people the opportunity to get a small slice on what the Desire Map has to offer without requiring a full commitment.  With the energy that came from the class on Saturday, I am sure you will be over-booked (again) for the upcoming full workshop!” – Chri

"The ripple effect of your beautiful workshop continues as a daily unfolding of thoughts, feelings and creativity.  Walking into the workshop space at Pranashanti last week was reminiscent of Christmas morning as a child.  I did not expect a sparkly yoga room, full of rainbows, words, soothing sound and lights!  It was obvious that we were entering a very special space, with a very special teacher.  I instantly felt welcome, safe, curious, and so excited to have three decadent hours to play and create without distraction! Thank you for proving what I truly believe and yet am still frequently afraid to practice; that when you are true to yourself, you will attract the friends, clients, business opportunities, and relationships that you want, need and deserve." - Susan

"I'm happy to have met you at your meditation workshop a few weeks ago. For me, the biggest hurdle in meditation was getting over the fear brought upon by the impression of not doing it right. I absolutely loved the workshop and it gave me more confidence for my practice. It was fantastic!." - Marie-Catherine