How do YOU WANT to feel?

How do YOU WANT to feel? { E A S E } is one of my Core Desired Feelings. Which, when you live with chronic pain could be seen as an impossibility. Somewhere along my journey, I learned to see it as pure P O S S I B I L I T Y. As they say, when nothing seems sure, everything is possible. But, to generate this feeling requires::

> Pause
> Clarity
> Creativity

And I promise you ... we ALL have this capacity. Yes. YOU DO.

The thing is, we can get so caught up in the suffering, in the story, in our victimhood, in the darkness, in the comparison, in the struggle, in the rehashing/reliving/rewishing things were different than they are. This is a trap. A loop. Like a record skipping, over and over again. I also believe it's part of the process. It needs to be felt, witnesses, then moved. Forward.

I want to feel E A S E.

During weeks of headache insanity ... I continually seek out ways that I can generate this feeling. Good days. Bad days. All days. It's in the practice. The consistency. The ritual. The regularity. That magic begins to happen. 

One of tools in my E A S E toolkit = ICE HELMET!!! 

Today, Ganesh also came to my rescue after a loving meditation sesh together. Seeing the obstacles, the teachers, and asking for guidance & support, courage & creativity to remove them.  mmmmmmmm

How do YOU want to feel? How could you generate those feelings
T O D A Y?

_/\_ xo