Making SoulFULL Choices Starts Here

Ever felt helpless, hopeless, or just plain stuck?

Stuck in a job, a relationship, a situation, a project, a gig, a home
...any aspect of your life?
Feeling like you've gots no control?
Feeling like there’s no way forward?
Analysis paralysis = paralyzed. Overwhelm leads to = apathy.

 I say NO MORE! You with me? Let's do this!

Whether you realize it or not...
You're stilling making a decision. You're still choosing, something.
But it may not be pointing you in the direction you desire.
In fact, it may be keeping you stuck.

What if we started to choose consciously?
Wide awake choices. With full awareness.
Lit up with ease, courage and clarity.

Lissa Rankin uses this great example, and it goes like this:
You're in a job (I'm paraphrasing here) that is sucking you dry and draining you of your soul's integrity. You feel like you have no choice but to stay. You need the money. Right?

I'm asking you to look closer.

In this scenario you're still making a decision. You’re still choosing.
You're choosing security over integrity, security over happiness, security over _________.
You get the idea.

We make trade-offs like this all the time. Usually unconsciously. So this is where we start!

As soon as we realize we have a choice, we can pause, open it up, and choose again. Be curious and check in with your IGS (inner guidance system), then pay close attention to what hurts and what feels good -- in your body, your heart, your gut, your soul. Take time to simply notice, watch, observe, feel.

The key at this stage is to be curious vs. judgmental.

It's easy to get all judgey, but this just keeps you stuck.
So... ditch the judgment and choose curiosity instead.
Stay here for a while, instead of rushing to any outcome. Just listen, notice, watch, feel.

Getting back to our example. Make no mistake, security is NOT the enemy. It may very well be your true north!

What are YOUR Core Desired Feelings?

This is where it all begins and how we keep coming home.
If security is one of your CDF's, then a big reframe of your perspective will change everything.
If security is NOT one of your CDF's, then a step back, desire map, choose again plan is in order!

Turn to your Core Desired Feelings.
Then come up with a plan.
Figure out how to generate those feelings within existing choices, or choose again, make new choices, different choices.

Do you know how you want to feel?
Do you know what you want?
Why do you want what you want?
Psst.... it always starts with a feeling.

Fear will confuse. Fear will also speak loudly.
Squeaky wheel gets the oil as they say, but no more!!
Fear will avoid uncertainty and loss and growth at all costs.

Getting back to our example, it comes down to this question:
"Does certainty and security come at the expense of your health, happiness, life purpose, and financial potential?" When it comes to work/job/career is security your core desired feeling? And does this job generate that feeling?

Every dilemma of choice, dilemma of purpose, soul, calling... comes down to this same question, only the variables change.

How does your fear show up? Where do you feel stuck, choiceless?
How does this {choice} feel?


This was my answer. This is my process.
This is a key that unlocked possibility, ease, flow, and joy.

The answers ARE within you. Sometimes we just need a little help mining for gold.

Let's invest.

When a bunch of wholehearted souls get together to do this work...we become powerful archeologists of the soul, and we light up our lives in the process.

Let's do this!!

THIS Saturday, May 23 from 1-4pm is the {INTRO} Workshop
3 hours of Meditation, Yoga, Desire Mapping, and h'Art to light the spark!

OR ... go all in!!

June 19-21 is the {LEVEL 1} Workshop & Urban Retreat at PranaShanti. This workshop also falls on Summer Solstice, which is a powerful time to release that which no longer serves, set intentions, and manifest that which you most desire.

Details + Registration links:

Here's to oceans of possibility,
xo Kate


For more inspiration on making big decisions in a soul-anchored way, with no regrets, check out Lissa's article: Lissa is the author of The Fear Cure, as well as an incredible human being, wise soul, and masterful writer.