wahe guru | reflections on life with a brain injury

A dedication to one of my { wahe guru } moments, gifts on this journey, in this body. 

I was fortunate enough to watch Concussion on the plane from Toronto to Columbia, on route to Ecuador. Flood with emotion, I allowed the tears to flow liberally. To feel all the feels. In some ways, it was similar to watching Crash Reel, but quite different. Thank you courageous souls, who creating these offerings & brought them into the world to help us expand, to grow, to heal, to prevent, to CHOOSE more consciously.

As the film unfolded, I madly began writing, part transcription, part reflection, divine downloading.

One of the lines that that stuck out was, "There are some things you can't un-know." Truths. Kinda beyond fact. Which is often why those hiding truths don't want you to know in the first place. Protecting you, but also protecting them, from the fact that they too went from not knowing to knowing.

Concussion, CTE, was to the NFL, NHL, and other head contact sports what smoking was to doctors decades earlier. We didn't know, we didn't fully understand or realize, and then we did. Yet when power, ego & the almighty dolla' dollar bills rule the show, a lot is at stake. 

Much like our understanding of the brain, of what we now refer to as Neuroplasticity. The book in my hand here is Norman Doidge's most recent, "The Brain's Way of Healing." Norman has been interviewed countless times on his findings, discoveries, and cutting edge facts, now truths. Many question. Many doubt. Many want to hold onto the comfort of what used to be 'true'. Even science is not perfect, not final, not stuck. We are always growing, expanding, evolving. The challenge is whether we can remain open to this. To not let ourselves get in our own way. In a way, to not let our minds or even our brains, hold us, stagnate us, keep us stuck. 


That force which draws us from darkness to light, and the bliss/wow that we feel when we move into awareness, conscious living, intentional being. Being open to growth & expansion. For the greater good, which isn't always easy or financially pleasing, or even pleasing.

Peace & Possibility guide me... 

this post is a WIP { work in progress } stay tuned for more ... xo