a good life lived

Raw moments can inspire some of our deepest truths. It's like being an archeologist and discovering an incredible dig site. Gifts to be unearthed.

humanity & unexpected kindness

Humanity and unexpected kindness can often surge deep rawness in me. Whether I observe it in passing, am the recipient first-hand, bestow it upon myself, or even watch it on tv or in a movie.

The funny thing is, sometimes when I'm having an extra challenging pain day/week/month I have to dig deeper into my practices ... like mindfulness, like meditation, which brings me more fully into the moments. I see things with an extra clear lens of presence, rawness.

there are gifts in ... everything

Gratitude is one of the foundational aspects of my mindfulness practice because the practice of pausing, noticing, absorbing, and appreciating really wakes us up to the moment we're in. Helps us see what we do have, what we are, who & what each other are. And somehow, although nothing has technically changed, it changes everything. 

After a domino effect of real-life raw moments these past many days, I'm watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, & one scene really gets to me (happy to share the scene if you're curious). At the core it was about love. It was about faith in each other. It was about trust. It was about a deep knowing that we can get through anything, and that a really good life, fulfillment, is so much simpler then we make it out to be. 

conspiring with life

And this is what got journaled in that moment. I find if I don't conspire with a feeling when it bubbles up, its potency passes. So as often as I can I collaborate - I grab a pen or my phone and I write. 

Here is what I wrote:

I believe it's possible to beat the odds. To overcome what feels impossible. 
I believe that we can survive horrible things, and that we can make it to the other side thriving.

I believe in humanity. In kindness. In the human spirit. 
I believe in peace. In contentment. In the human experience. 

I believe that it's all a lot simpler then we think it is. I believe that we are capable of feeling more and stressing less. 

I believe that you, and me, we, were meant to BE. Right here. And now. Alive. At this time. In exactly this way. And that each of us is here to live this life, on purpose, with purpose. Each of us leaving a you-shaped imprint on the world through every experience, every moment, and every soul graced with your presence.

Miracles happen. You were a miracle the day you were conceived, the day you were born, and nothing has changed ... except everything.

Because you are still here. Breathing. Feeling. Choosing. Being. One moment at a time.

And every time we choose love - a thought, a word, an intention, a choice, an action - grounded in love, inspired by love, in the name of love, we make space for another miracle to be born. And our life, in its living, becomes the miracle. 

I believe this to be true. And so it is. 

deep seeds. deep impact.

This one got planted deep. Deep deep peace. Deep deep contentment. With being. 

Thank you life, for allowing me to conspire with you, collaborate with you, learn from you and with you, through my own life and all those around me and all those who share through their own teachings, livings, and offerings.