put your soul on the schedule! 2017 planners are here!

The 2017 Desire Map Planner Collection is here {they drop tomorrow August 31st}! This is radically different way to plan your day, week, month ... LIFE ... because it puts your soul on the schedule.

fuel at the core

There's something fuelling  e v e r y t h i n g  we do, everything we want, everything we create ... everything that we invest our most sacred offerings into {our time + attention}. What is that fuel you ask ... ? That fuel is a desire TO FEEL a certain way. 

This planner puts your core desires on the map. It helps you plan your days + weeks according to how you most want to feel; the way it should be.

For me, this is a key element in how I liberate my life. I am most grounded when plan my weeks, start my day, and refine my time + attention as I go.

I've a huge planner person -- so I've tried many. This one really helps in the intentional cultivation of habits that light up your life ... which, as we know, takes beaucoup de practice. This is a keystone in my journey of life lived, on purpose, with purpose.

the desire map

This planner is based around the book that changed my world from the inside out. Change my joy. My freedom. My connection. My wisdom. That book is called The Desire Map, and it was written by a divine soul named Danielle Laporte.

This book is what led me to facilitating the material - using yoga, meditation, h'art as key tools on the journey to unlocking YOUR core desired feelings, which we affectionately refer to as our CDFs.

the 2017 planner possibilities

The 2017 planner comes in two versions:: the DAILY and the WEEKLY edition, depending on your personal vibe around planning. 

This version is for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, who love to keep track of all the big and the little things. This planner takes you through the year, day-by-day, with unique soul prompts to limber up your mind before you write, scheduling space, #Truthbombs, a STOP Doing list (because saying NO is revolutionary, and a super condensed list called 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done!

This version is for the big dreams, creatives, and entrepreneurs - the planner-types who want a bird's eye view of their week. Sprinkled with prompts for positive declarations and #Truthbombs, the weekly spread also has space for your CDFs, daily to-do's, and a list of 3 Things so you can get your most important to-do's done! This planner also has an End of Week Check-in with unique Soul Prompts from Danielle and space for refelecting on life as you move through it week-by-week.

what could happen??

When you’re clear on how you want to feel, decisions come to you more easily, you’ll know when to say “No” and when to say “Hell, YES!” And then you can put it in writing. That’s what this planner does for me.

You can buy yours today and start planning the life you’ve always wanted.


what if I don't know how I WANT TO FEEL?!

Join me at the next DESIRE MAP + YOGA {LEVEL 1} Workshop & Urban Retreat at PranaShanti this coming January 20-22!

Registration is now open! For more information visit katedurie.com/workshops or contact me with questions!

 wanna save a few bucks?

Keep your eyes peeled on social media (Facebook or Instagram) or via my newsletter, as I'll be organizing a 1x DESIRE MAP PLANNER tribe, corralling interest and tapping into my Licensed Facilitator discount for y'all.

This will happen in late October/early November so that we all have our planners for January 1st! Just in time for a brand new year AND just in time for the next DESIRE MAP + YOGA {LEVEL 1} Workshop & Urban Retreat ... as well as the next LEVEL 2 - date/location TBC. Stay tuned.


“I am a former achievement junkie. I chased after the “next big thing” for years. The [Desire Map] planner makes me focus on how I feel and prioritize myself. It's shifted me out of constantly seeking approval through achievement and into how I choose to move through the world. In short, it took me off a hamster wheel of constantly doing and let me focus on being.” — Maggie

“I started with the 2015 [Desire Map] Daily Edition: sleek, black, mysterious. A secret voyeuristic journey into the language of my desires. Every day I wrote: Freedom, Abundance, Purpose, Connection, Being. Every day I breathed those words into my being until I became a masterpiece my desires had painted. Now I run my own spiritual business. I don't think I would have had the courage or the clarity to do that unless my desires swallowed me in their crescendo of sound. What gets measured matters, and the Desire Map Planner helped me document the uncharted territory of my soul (dramatic, but true).” — Jennifer