all we ever wanted. LOVE.

"All we ever wanted,
all we ever needed,
was LOVE." - Lennon & Maisy

Sometimes a song captures me. Just the right moment. Heart wide open. I crawl into the words, the melody, and feel all the feels. It's such an awe-striking experience because you can 'listen to music' and then you can feel music, if you open wide, if you give your full attention & presence (how rare does that feel sometimes), if you breathe purposefully, absorb, and soak in it.

The yoga of listening? The yoga of music? It becomes a spiritual experience in many ways. 

This song brought me to tears. Tears of pure love. Gratitude for being able to access such a feeling. Such a state of being. These young souls sharing such truth - the simplicity and the profound power within this simple truth.


In meditation, in my moments of stillness, my heart & mind often ponder the relationship between humans & love. Between fear & love. Between pain & love. Between suffering & love.

I ponder why there is so much fear running ramped in the world, instead of love. It simply doesn't make sense, when I truly believe that at the core of even the most angry, violent, power hungry, fear mongering souls out there, is a deep desire to be loved, to give love, and to feel love.  

Perhaps it is BECAUSE love is so powerful that it is scary.

This song downloaded this insight for me. It's not that I didn't 'know this' before, but this morning I listened to this song again, then sat in meditation. Instead of knowing, I felt. This is a deep form of clarity. An inner knowing. A process of giving words meaning. It was like a huge beating, almost choking sensation in my chest. 

Wow, I thought.

Love is a beast.


The wicked delicious truth of love, is the more you open to it, the deeper you feel it, the more vulnerable you are to pain. The most horrific, yet inevitable, example of all is death and loss. The harder, more wholly you love(d), the more loss and death hurts. The more you feel. We only know deep grief because we have that same deep capacity for love. We only know emotional pain and suffering, because we have felt the opposite. Because we ARE the opposite. 

So. Living in love is deeply risky, requires astronomical courage, it is a radical act, it is a powerful form of activism. It asks us to step into vulnerable places and somehow, some way, stay open. When a part of us (sometimes a big part, sometimes small) wants to do just the opposite - to protect, to create a sense of safety, control, comfort. However short term and short sighted.  

But what if that was okay?

Why do we crave this sense of (short term) comfort, this perceived sense of safety and control? What would happen if two souls (or many!) stepped into vulnerable places together, and greeted each other in that space with love, openness, honesty? Felt the fear, named it even, but stayed in love. Sat with the discomfort. Declared it even. But stayed in love. Instead of ducking into the shade 'n shadows of fear.  

I definitely don't have all the answers, but I love-the-heck outta exploring the questions. 

A little meditation musing that had to be shared...

Brave. Bold. Vulnerable. Wholehearted.

In Love, always.
xo kate