Why is it that LOSS is such a brutal & brilliant teacher? Time after time. It simply is. It's part of this human being experience thing. Life is not a straight line. On purpose. For a purpose.

I affectionately call LOSS a "Ganesha Moment". Ganesha being the Hindu god, also known as the remover {& sometimes placer} of obstacles, and, perhaps ironically, the lord of beginnings.

This week, I watched "Still Alice" (starring Julianne Moore) on Netflix. Heard about the upcoming film "Concussion" (starring Will Smith), and someone shared a link to "I Am" (documentary by Tom Shadyac), which I watched earlier on in my #TBI recovery). 

The common thread here? SOOO many things! But here's a few::


I am more clear than ever of the connection between YOGA & BRAIN HEALTH. Clarity, healing, peace, purpose, possibility. Life lived with purpose. On purpose. In service. To YOU. To all beings. To the world. The brain can be the catalyst for this. The mind can be the blocker of this. 

If you haven't seen these films. Please do!
And then we wait in anticipation for Concussion. 

In the meantime, let's connect the week of SEPT 14th to explore {YOGA for BRAIN HEALTH}::

1. Join me for Parliament Hill Yoga- Lululemon, WED. SEPT 16, 12-1. Parliament Hill front lawn. FREE. This is a community Yoga class I designed with brain health in mind + will be accompanied by a crew of community resources in attendance to answer questions. Event details here::

2. Join me for YOGA & YOU for Brain Health, SAT. SEPT 19, 9-10:15am. Tabaret Lawn. FREE. This is a community Yoga class. Any and all are welcome. This is being offered by the BRAIN & MIND Institute at the University of Ottawa as part of "Brain Health Awareness Week", being declared by Jim Watson before our yoga class, and part of a larger and incredible initiative. Event details here:: + check out the lecture series being offered each night that week!!!

Questions? Please reach out ... kateUdurie {at} gmail {dot} com OR visit my contact page.

xo Kate