Hi! I'm Kate. And I am so thrilled you're here.

My hope is to make this a home base for you, and your heart. So pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine, and cuddle up by the fire. Let’s share our stories, our dreams. Possibility.

The Spaces in Between

The universe is filled with joy, love, and possibility. It’s also filled with pain, suffering, and setbacks.

I live wholly and completely in all these places ... as well as the spaces in between. I've been. I revisit. I shift. I am.
I understand. I have learned (and am still learning) to embrace each one. This is the brilliant & beautiful & brutal part of being human.

This journey is is anything but a straight line. By design. It makes for the best of adventures when we stop resisting, when we get clear, and when we begin living on purpose. I'm here to listen, explore, and figure it out with you. I see YOU … exactly where you are.

My story? Here are some of the bits that I think will matter to you.


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, Blissologist, Certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, Creativity Catalyst, Whole-hearted Life Coach and Work in Progress ...

Life is not a straight line, which makes me (& all of us) ever evolving works of h'Art ... in it for the journey. 

After a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 2011 shattered my world - wide open - I embraced life as the most brutal and brilliant teacher of all. Loss, pain, and grief are all inevitable truths of being human. When our world shatters - we are blessed with the opportunity to choose which pieces to pick up, which pieces to leave behind, and which pieces to develop, create, grow.

There is great wisdom in loss, yet we so often struggle to talk about it - never unlocking the beauty within the pain.

Supporting, guiding, and serving as a catalyst for my students and clients around how we can consciously, intentionally create a life we love is foundational and essential to my practice.

In the YOGA sphere, I offer everything from private yoga, to group classes, workshops, special events, corporate yoga, small or large groups, retreats, and more. Whether you are looking to cultivate a home practice, deepen your meditation or yoga practice, address a chronic condition (pain, anxiety, depression, etc.), move, breathe, play, or simply to learn how to BE ... I'm your human! Check out my Yoga page for more.

In the h'ART sphere, I am your creativity catalyst, offering workshops and events, both privately and corporately, small and large groups, that explore how we can unlock our joy, our spirit, our creative potential through play, gratitude, and h'Art making. My approach is wabi-sabi and entirely process-inspired.

We can transform any space. We can transform any situation. We can transform any life. 

Peace & Possibility,

xo _/\_