Hi! I’m K A T E. And I am thrilled you're here.

My hope is to make this a home base for you, and your heart. So pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine, and cuddle up by the fire. Let’s connect, share, explore ... 


At this delicious moment in time, as a Lululemon Ambassador, I am taking a deep deep breath after applying for the their HERE TO BE grant. This grant spells out pure P O S S I B I L I T Y. I will be creating a Yoga 4 Brain Health + LoveYourBrain program for brain injury survivors + those who want to incorporate brain health principles into their yoga or rehab offerings {8-week in person, video series, road trip offering, and YTT module}. Check out my grant application video, created by the gorgeous soul & epically talented photographer, Kyla aka Lived Life Photography.

W H A T ' S   N E X T  ?  W H A T ' S  C O M I N G ?

So much awe-some happening this summer & fall. DESIRE MAP + YOGA, ROOFTOP MALAS & MEDITATIONS, and the HAPPINESS HABITS 613 adventure.

The next scheduled {DESIRE MAP + YOGA} workshop and Urban Retreat are happening July 23 {INTRO} and September 9-11 {LEVEL 1}. Visit my workshops page for more details + links to register.

How do YOU WANT TO FEEL? In every area of your life. Are you looking to light up your life from the inside out? What will you do to feel that way? I'm talking GOALS WITH SOUL and the feelings that drive it all ... I'm talking about a life lived. On purpose. With purpose ... and guess what ... you already have everything you need. We're just going to put some process, awareness, clarity, power, and creative juju behind it.  

We will use some amazingly powerful tools :: meditation, yoga, desire mapping, h'art making, connection, love. Tools you can take with you to embody this way of being into your life on the daily.

You can register directly online or by calling the studios!

I'm also partnering with dear friend & epic creator, Kyla aka MalaRae to offer another {ROOFTOP MALAS, MEDITATIONS & MAGIC} event. This time you will learn how to knot your own 108 bead mala + infuse it with your core desires, intentions, declarations! Stones/crystals have been specifically chosen for this workshop (all neutral colours). Visit my workshops page for the link to register.

Lastly, it's the 2016 edition of the {HAPPINESS HABITS 613} adventure, and better then ever!! For the tentative {& growing} schedule + links to register visit my workshops page.

If you have any questions, please reach out. xo

NOTE: Your LEVEL 1 registration includes the desire map workbook, desire mapping materials, a custom mala, yoga classes, meditations, h'art making, a delicious meal, connection, and sooooo so so much more!



The last {DESIRE MAP + YOGA} LEVEL 1 workshop & urban retreat sold out & was magical beyond words.
... so we've scheduled another one, September 9 - 11, 2016! 

Registration is now open here. xo